VitaStrong was created by two young Italian sports entrepreneurs who, over the years, tested and tried different sports supplements from many brands. They realized that none of them provided real benefits, so they decided to create VitaStrong with a clear and precise goal in mind: all VitaStrong products had to be strong and effective from the first intake.

With this strong desire to renew the Italian sports integration market, the VitaStrong brand was born, with products that are completely Made in Italy, registered with the Italian Ministry of Health, and made only with high-quality products by our experts in Italian laboratories.

For us, the protection and safety of our customers is important, which is why we personally visit our laboratories to check, test, and try every product.

We are the first customers of VitaStrong

When there is competition, the goal is always to win, and with this mentality, we created our first product, VitaStrong Preworkout, which quickly became a real best-seller, loved by athletes in any sport thanks, above all, to its quality and the real increase in concentration and resistance to fatigue, for real champion training.

WHY VitaStrong is for winners and we aim to become one of the major Italian sports integration brands for effectiveness and QUALITY.

The ingredients in our products are all 100% natural and pure. The quality of the ingredients is the key feature of VitaStrong. We do not aim to create low-quality supplements to sell them at a cut-price and generate mass sales. We want to focus on real athletes. For this reason, we create every single product by searching for the best ingredients available, capable of truly providing benefits in sports and for the health of our customers. For this reason, the quality and effectiveness of our products can be perceived from the first intake.

Every one of our products really brings the results for which it was created. We invite you to test our products to understand their real effectiveness, quality, and to obtain incredible benefits for your body and in your sport!