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Discover Vitastrong peanut cream: a pure and natural source of protein and energy. Perfect for those who want a healthy diet without sacrificing taste. No additives, no added sugars, only selected peanuts for an intense flavor and optimal nutritional benefits.



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In the Vitastrong universe, well-being begins with conscious and natural food choices. That's why we're proud of our Peanut Cream, a product that embodies our dedication to quality, health and well-being.

Vitastrong peanut cream is an excellent choice for those looking for a varied, natural and protein-rich diet. With 26g of protein for every 100g and strictly selected peanuts, our peanut cream is not just a creamy delight but a real ally for well-being, capable of giving an extra touch to any meal.

Product advantages:

High Protein Content: With 26g of protein per 100g, our peanut spread is not only delicious but super nutritious.

Roasted and Selected Peanuts: We choose only the best peanuts, roasted to perfection to enhance the flavor and guarantee an unparalleled consistency.

No Added Sugar: We maintain the purity of our peanut butter by avoiding added sugar, for an authentic and natural taste.

Creamy Consistency: We have studied an impeccable recipe that guarantees a soft and non-watery consistency.

Why Choose Vitastrong Peanut Cream?

  • Superior Quality: Each batch is subjected to rigorous controls to ensure an excellent final product free of impurities.
  • Authentic Taste: The perfect roasting of our selected peanuts offers a unique tasting experience.
  • Optimal Nutrition: Rich in essential nutrients, our peanut cream is ideal for a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Versatility: Perfect at any time of the day, from the pre-workout snack to the evening dessert.

Get ready to give that extra touch to every meal with the authentic taste of the best peanuts around. From today your diet will be an explosion of taste and creaminess. Try the quality of Vitastrong Peanut Cream today and have fun sweetening your diet.

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Roasted Peanuts (100%)

Average values
per 100g
% NRV*
2591 kJ / 625 kcal
of which saturated
7 g
16 g
of which sugars
4 g
8 g
26 g
*VNR: daily reference nutritional value pursuant to EU Reg. n.1169/2011
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