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Vitastrong Training Gloves are made with high quality materials for an exceptional grip, designed to keep hands cool and dry, reduce sweating and stabilize the wrist, preventing injuries. Available in three sizes: S, M, L.

Gloves Size : S


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Maximum Performance and Comfort: Vitastrong Training Gloves

Designed for athletes looking to get the most out of their performance, Vitastrong Training Gloves combine durability and innovation to give you maximum support during every training session. Made with high quality materials, these gloves ensure a solid grip and optimized protection.

*Subjected to very rigorous stress tests, these gloves have demonstrated exceptional resistance against wear, guaranteeing multiple intense and long-lasting workouts.

Thanks to their breathable structure, they keep your hands cool and dry even during the most dynamic workouts. The adjustable wrist closure provides additional stability, reducing the risk of injury.

Whether you're lifting weights, cross-training or any other type of workout, Vitastrong Training Gloves are the essential accessory to take your performance to the next level.

Why choose Vitastrong Training Gloves:

  • Made with cutting-edge materials to guarantee superior and long-lasting performance, satisfying the needs of the most demanding athletes.
  • Perfect for a wide range of physical activities, from heavy lifting to cross-training, always offering maximum support.
  • Advanced wrist stabilization significantly reduces the risk of injury, allowing you to train safely.
  • Designed to keep hands dry and prevent the annoying odors typical of sweaty gloves, ensuring freshness and comfort.
  • An elegant and functional design that does not go unnoticed, combining Vitastrong style and practicality in every workout.
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  • Small (S): For hands with a circumference of 17-19 cm
  • Medium (M): For hands with a circumference of 19-21 cm
  • Large (L): For hands with a circumference of 21-23 cm

**To measure hand circumference: Take a flexible tape measure. make a fist with the hand you want to measure. Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your hand, just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb. make sure the tape measure is snug but not too tight. read the measurement in centimeters to determine your size.

This product is registered with the Ministry of Health in Italy, France, Spain, and Germany and does not contain any doping substances or substances harmful to health.

  • For our products, we select only the highest quality raw materials and rigorously control every phase of the production process to ensure maximum efficacy and safety.
  • For products in tablets, capsules, and jars, the packaging has 3 levels of security: an external plastic sleever, a tightly closed cap, and an induction seal welded between the cap and the jar.
  • For products in a pouch, the packaging is heat-sealed with a freshness-saving zip.
  • For products in a glass jar, there is a guarantee seal between the cap and the jar.

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