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Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid : a powerful fusion of COLLinstant® branded collagen. hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, zinc, coenzyme Q10 and other essential nutrients to support joint and bone health. Thanks to its high dosage of active ingredients, it offers antioxidant benefits, supporting natural collagen production and also promoting healthy skin, nails and hair.



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The advanced formula we have developed not only contains collagen - known for its ability to hydrate and plump the skin - and high-quality hyaluronic acid, but is also enriched with vitamin C, zinc, coenzyme Q10, selenium, vitamin D and biotin, ensuring complete nutrition to strengthen your joints, prevent injuries and slow the aging of skin and bones.

Premium Quality supplement with attention to the smallest details

Our collagen is certified COLLinstant®, a world leading brand with 90 years of experience in collagen production. The superlative quality of COLLinstant® is reflected in its unique composition of type I & III collagen peptides. These peptides contain a high amount of essential amino acids, such as prolines, hydroxyproline and glycine, which are essential for the health of joints, bones and connective tissues. Thanks to its structure, these peptides are easily digestible, ensuring exceptional bioavailability.

Vitastrong Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid is an ideal combination of selected ingredients, designed to protect joints and enhance the natural beauty and health of your skin. Each dose of this product reflects Vitastrong's dedication to researching and formulating strong, highest-quality supplements.

What benefits do you get with Vitastrong Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid?

  • Protects Joints: Collagen helps maintain healthy joints, reducing the risk of injuries and ensuring fast recovery after intense workouts.
  • Elasticity and Tonicity: The mix of collagen and hyaluronic acid improves the skin's elasticity, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Strengthening of Hair and Nails: Selected nutrients help protect and improve the quality of Nails and Hair.
  • Protective Barrier: Hyaluronic acid acts like a shield, protecting the skin from external agents and maintaining natural hydration.
  • Regeneration: The presence of vitamin C and zinc promotes the skin regeneration process, accelerating the healing of small lesions and imperfections.
  • Ocular Health: Hyaluronic acid contributes to the lubrication of the eyes, preventing dry eyes.
  • Superior Absorption: Our Vitastrong-style formula is designed to ensure rapid and effective absorption.

In a world where attention to personal health and recovery after intense training are fundamental, Vitastrong Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid not only presents itself as the ideal companion for your daily well-being but helps you prevent injuries and strengthen your joints.

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Ingredients: COLLinstant® hydrolyzed collagen, bulking agent: microcrystalline cellulose; sodium hyaluronate, zinc pidolate, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide; coenzyme Q10, seleno L-methionine, cholecalciferol (vitamin D), biotin.

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*VNR: daily reference nutritional value pursuant to EU Reg. n.1169/2011

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This product is registered with the Ministry of Health in Italy, France, Spain, and Germany and does not contain any doping substances or substances harmful to health.

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