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Explore the elegance of Vitastrong's Instant White Chocolate and Vanilla Flavored Rice Flour: a premium selection, with no added sugar, for those who are satisfied with nothing but excellence. An experience of light and refined flavour, for a tasty and conscious diet.



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Vitastrong's Instant White Chocolate and Vanilla Flavored Rice Flour is a statement of style and health. A combination of purity and indulgence, this snack stands out for its refined taste and its nutritional formula, balanced for the daily well-being of athletes and connoisseurs of fine taste.

With an impressive 99% rice flour and the delicate essence of white chocolate and vanilla, our product embodies innovation in sports nutrition.

Why choose this product:

  • Innovation and taste : 99% rice flour enriched with the enveloping notes of white chocolate and vanilla.
  • Health without sugars : Without added sugars for pure and authentic pleasure.
  • Nutritional excellence : Low-fat formula for a balanced, energy-rich diet.
  • Trust and quality : Vitastrong guarantees safe products, created according to the most rigorous standards in the industry.

Give a touch of elegance with Vitastrong's Instant White Chocolate and Vanilla Flavored Rice Flour: a conscious choice for an active life and for palates that always seek the best.


Ingredients: rice flour (99%), flavourings, sweeteners: acesulfame k, sucralose.

Average values
per 100g
% NRV*
Energy value
365 kcal
of which saturated
78 g
of which sugars
*VNR: daily reference nutritional value pursuant to EU Reg. n.1169/2011

WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: for all warnings and instructions for use on the product, consult the label which can be downloaded from THIS LINK

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This product is registered with the Ministry of Health in Italy, France, Spain, and Germany and does not contain any doping substances or substances harmful to health.

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